Cue II, 2006

Cue II, 2006

The basic material for the work CUE 2 was shot from the window of a car crawling through the traffic jam at a roundabout in the Chinese capital. The beginning of the video is dominated by the noise of the traffic and the car radio, but gradually a single voice crystallizes from this backdrop of sound. At first the viewer cannot attribute it to anyone; it belongs to a young woman who is sitting at the edge of the road, reading the conclusion to the fourth act of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in which the witches prophesy the protagonist’s in-vulnerability – a prophecy that is simultaneously true and false. The video ends with a view towards the green of some conifers. Now all that we can hear is the voice of the young woman. –Daniel Schreiber


1-channel video installation, 1:20 min., colour, stereo, 16:9 flat screen


(1) Installation view at Galerie Barbara Weiss, 2006. Exhibited as part of “Heike Baranowsky: T Square”. Photo: Jens Ziehe

(2–3) Filmstills