Equinox, 2016

Equinox, 2016

When the sun shines on the Berlin Fernsehturm’s tiled stainless steel dome, the reflection usually appears in the form of a cross. This effect was not anticipated by the Swedish architects. Berliners nicknamed the luminous cross ‘Rache des Papstes’, or the Pope’s Revenge.

For Equinox, I encircled the TV tower from sunrise to sunset following the sun’s reflection on the tower. I took a picture on every point of view where the tower was visible.

A 12 hour day is reduced to 22 seconds. The tower seems to revolve around itself.


Animation, 22 sec loop, no sound, 4:3 ratio


(1–7) Featured at Wiensowski & Harbord, as part of Deluge Magazine Release, 2016