In Search of, 2017

In Search of, 2017

This work is a series of photogram cyanotypes, which I exposed in the shade of Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels. The surface of the concrete tubes is perforated. The round holes are placed in the order of star constellations. Once the sun has risen, sun-rays shine through these openings and create oval lucent light patches on the inside of the tunnels.


I laid out sun-light sensitive paper (cyanotype) and exposed it over five minutes whilst catching the wandering sun and creating unfocused ovals. My hands holding the paper left a static three dimensional imprint on the paper (photogram).


The fourteen cyanotypes are presented in a diamond shaped frame giving a formal and minimal framework. The glass in the frame is cut at a different angle creating another rectangular layer.


Diamond shaped frame, cut glass.


(1–2) Installation view at Alte Kaserne, Zitadelle Berlin, 2017.  Exhibited as part of the group show “Fortsetzung jetzt” Teil 4

(3–5) Detail view: 11 out of 14 sheets. Cyanotype Photograms. 20 x 30 cm each