Krater (Keri∂), 2015

Krater (Keri∂), 2015

Filmed in southern Iceland, Baranowsky encircled the crater’s edge of the Kerið volcano whilst taking more than 2000 photographs. The images were subsequently arranged in chronological order, creating a stop-motion effect. The animation was transferred to 16mm film, seamlessly looped and projected upside-down. Due to our neurological processing of images and the assumption that natural day light in a landscape is illuminated from above, the concave becomes a convex as the shapes are inverted.


16 mm Film installation, 1:25 min Loop, no sound, sculpture foot, 16 mm projector, looper


(1) Installation view at Barbara Weiss Galerie Berlin, 2015. Exhibited as part of “Heike Baranowsky: KviKvi”

(2–7) Filmstills