parallax, 1999

parallax, 1999

This work is based on a drive through what appears to be a typical German conifer forest in the spring time. The 28-second loop is shown with a slight time shift on two projection areas separated by a narrow gap. The work plays with the astrophysical law of parallax, which applies not only to the observation of planets but also to 3D cinema. The gap in projection, into which the objects from the forest foreground always seem to disappear briefly, visualizes the actually imperceptible blind spot on which our vision is founded.– Daniel Schreiber


2-channel video installation, ca. 260 cm x 700 cm, 0:28 min. loop, colour, silent, in sync


(1)  Installation view at Kunst-Werke Berlin. Exhibited as part of the solo show “Heike Baranowsky”, 2001. Photo: Rainer Jordan

(2–4) Installation view at Kunsthalle Nuremberg. Exhibited as part of “Heike Baranowsky: Time Traps”, curated by Ellen Seifermann, 2013. Photo: Annette Kradisch

(5) Installation view at Entwistle Gallery London. Exhibited as part of “Heike Baranowsky: parallax”, 1999. Photo: Gareth Winters