Perimeter, 2020

Perimeter, 2020

‘peri’ – ‘metron’ [Greek] means the distance around a given two-dimensional form. My interest in photograms lays in their immediacy and their essential documentary quality.

We feel an immediate simultaneity due to the direct exposure of an object and its contact to the UV-light sensitive coated surface.

The object of Perimeter is a metal strip which was laid on a piece of paper. After the exposure the same strip was held tighter and laid out on a piece of paper which only had half the size. This process war further continued by reducing the diameter of the metal strip.

By connecting the sheets, the three-quarter circles become an endless turning spiral with the result of approximating the Golden spiral.

Cyanotype photograms 40×60 cm / 40×30 cm / 20×30 cm

(2) Installation view at Kurt-Kurt, 2020. Exhibited as part of the group show “sleep is overrated”. Photo: HB