Pflanze, 2010

Pflanze, 2010

The Swiss Cheese Plant, also known as monstera, is a fast growing house plant that comes from the tropics of Central America and belongs to the araceae family. The plant draws most of its nutrition from its very impressive aerial roots. In order to survive in a dark room, it requires artificial light. Baranowsky employs the plant as a living sculpture, which refers conceptually to some basic pillars of her œuvre such as changes in perspective, unnoticeable and extremely slowed-down movements or artificial light, and yet presents a stark contrast to the digital images of her work. –Daniel Schreiber


foliage plant (Monstera Deliciosa), dimension variable, plant light


Installation view at Galerie Barbara Weiss Berlin, 2010.

Exhibited as part of “Heike Baranowsky: Ubehebe“.

Photo: Jens Ziehe.