probe, BDI Berlin, 2008


2-channel video installation, 15:43 min. loop, colour, stereo, two 16:9 flat screens, in sync
camera: Volker Gläser | sound: Titus Maderlechner


The two monitors of the video installation probe show Chinese pensioners playing with a diabolo in a typical park in Beijing, and on a traffic island in one case. The traditional game whereby a cone is juggled on a rope produces a striking humming noise, which gradually comes to define the soundtrack to the work. The video conveys the impression that it has been filmed in a single camera tracking from left to right and back again. It is only after a while that the viewer realizes that this cannot be the case. The senior citizens busy with their leisure activity appear in one tracking but have disappeared again in the next. In addition, the times of day seem to change with the direction of the camera. The work ends with a view of the park empty of people and a traffic island with no one on it; there is only the sound of a single diabolo, which finally fades away as well. (Daniel Schreiber)