Radfahrer (Hase und Igel), 2000

Radfahrer (Hase und Igel), 2000

On three adjacent projection areas, the work presents an eight-second sequence from a cycling race in a velodrome. The two cyclists are wearing the same strip and riding the same bike. The viewer’s confusion is increased by the fact that the video is shown at different speeds on each of the projection surfaces. This creates the impression that the cyclist on the right-hand image is about to overtake himself on the left. The work plays with our perception of the limits set by the picture frame. –Daniel Schreiber


3-channel video installation, approx. 250 cm x 1000 cm 0:08 min. (100%, 90%, 80%) loop, color, silent, in sync


(1) Installation view at Kunst-Werke Berlin, 2001. Exhibited as part of the solo show “Heike Baranowsky”. Photo: Rainer Jordan

(2–5) Installation view at Deichtorhallen Hamburg, 2000. Exhibited as part of “Autowerke”

(6) Installation view at CAC Contemporary Art Center Cincinnati, 2002. Exhibited as part of “Loop – Back to the beginning”. Photo: Tony Walsh